RS Hunter

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Job Description:

Our Client

Our client in the aviation industry seeks the services of a Duty Manager who will manage the smooth operation of the daily flights for our client.



  • Manage the smooth operation of the daily flights within set targets.
  • Ensure that the rostered duties are covered on a daily basis and that we always have sufficient staff to man the operation, taking into account last minute sick leave and staff shift swaps.
  • Manage all staff work and personal issues.
  • Monitor and consult with contractors on a daily basis, making sure that they operate to company’s standards.
  • Proactively deal with issues before they turn into problems.
  • Motivate and empower our airport team and encourage personal development.
  • Provide a stimulating environment in which staff feel motivated to give excellent customer service.

Internal Customer Relations

  • Provide internal customer service to the cockpit and cabin crew and ensure that they have our support with regard to local procedures and any operational issues. Make sure that they are briefed correctly on arrivals and departures of our flights.
  • Keep in contact with Engineering, Cargo and Handling Agents to anticipate any issues so that we may be proactive in dealing with them

External Customer service and relations

  • Deal with company’s most frequent and valued Customers and attempt to build good relations with them.
  • Conflict resolution and support of staff when confronted with very difficult passengers.
  • Report and resolve service issues on the spot so that they do not escalate and become someone else’s problem.
  • Deal with passengers when we have to downgrade, refuse passage or offload them due to overbooking or passengers being unfit to travel.
  • Be sympathetic in cases of tax, illness, death and other personal issues.


  • Ensure all statistics are correctly computed.
  • Assist station manager in the control of the budget.
  • Make staff aware of the financial consequences of mistakes and hasty decisions. Promote cost awareness amongst the staff.
  • Process swaps and sick or compassionate leave.


  • Be aware of any new or reviewed emergency procedures.
  • Keep documentation up to date in this regard.
  • Keep in contact with support team members and stay current on company’s policies and support systems.
  • Build relationships with Airports Authority and other airlines with regard to overall emergency policies.


Financial (money-related)

  • Daily checking of all monies taken during the day.
  • Access to and authority to give out petty cash.
  • Keep tabs on money authorised by staff in respect of hotel accommodation, transport etc.
  • Reimburse limousine no shows or J class related expenses.
  • Retail therapy vouchers.

Non Financials

  • Statistics from all areas checked on a regular basis.
  • Supervisors as direct reports.
  • Telephone calls.



  • Go team (emergencies)
  • Maintain open daily communication with handling agents.
  • Follow up on Property Irregularity (lost and damaged bags).
  • Assist Passengers with any queries that frontline staff might not be able to deal with.


  • Liaise with 2V management and and/or customer relations on any serious customer or operational issues.
  • Develop positive and mutual understanding of different roles with local Reservations.
  • Check with accounts that all outstanding accounts are paid

Decision making – Accountabilities

  • Waiver excess or penalties on bookings.
  • Offloading/downgrading/upgrading of passengers.
  • Baggage claims/first need items.
  • Hotel accommodation and other passengers related expenses


Job Requirements

  • Good interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to make quick and well informed decisions.
  • Good all round airline knowledge.
  • Team leader, able to motivate staff when the going gets tough.
  • 3 years in airline position and proven track record in a supervisory role.

RS Hunter

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