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Job Description:


Our client in the aviation industry seeks the services of a Quality and Safety Manager, who will be for the development and implementation of a comprehensive Quality and Safety Management system, the preferred candidate will be tasked with the monitoring compliance with and the adequacy of procedures required to ensure safe operational practices and airworthy aircraft



  • Monitor Compliance with and the adequacy of procedures required to ensure safe operational practices and airworthy aircraft
  • Ensure that accident prevention and safety programs management is maintained for each departments, entire facility and the organization as a whole
  • Identify safety concerns and audit findings to senior management personnel for appropriate corrective actions and deal directly the accountable Manager on their expeditious resolution
  • Maintain close Liaison with the relevant regulatory authorities on quality and safety issues for the building: FAAN Fire Service, State Fire Service, Police, etc.
  • Design, Monitor, Update and Manage the ERP(Emergency Response Plan) and ensure desktop/live drills are carried out at agreed intervals
  • Ensure that the activities of Quality System are being performed in accordance with the accepted procedures.
  • Ensure that all contracted activities are carried out in accordance with the acceptable/standard procedures most especially for baggage scanners; contractor works airside and monitor the continued compliance with the requirements of this Regulation.
  • Responsible for implementing a Quality Audit Program in which compliance with all maintenance procedures are reviewed at intervals
  • Ensure that remedial action necessary to maintain an acceptable level of safety is implemented across the business operations.
  • Responsible to keep the Accountable Manager informed in the event of any reported discrepancy not being adequately attended to by the relevant person or in respect of any disagreement over the nature of a discrepancy
  • Verify by monitoring that the procedures/standards required by the Authority and any additional requirements defined by the AMO are adequate and are complied with under the supervision of the required management personnel to ensure safe maintenance practices and airworthiness of products


  • Management representative in relation to NCAA regulations, NCARS, FAAN, Government Agencies and will act as the focal point for the vested AMO certificate and other operations certificate
  • Develop and maintain a register of all staff holding CRS Authorization(certifying staff) and licenses
  • Ensure corresponding qualification training of the maintenance personnel in co‐operation with the Head of Operations and other heads of department


  • Research, prepare, issue and revise Quality Procedures(QP), Maintenance Procedures Manual (MCM/MPM), AMO Procedures Manual, Nondestructive testing manual
  • Responsible for the verification and recommendation of Aircraft Maintenance License applications made to the Authority for either issue/grant/renewal
  • Responsible for the conduct of any investigations required following receipt of occurrence reports
  • Provision of continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the safety level achieved aiming to make continuous improvement to the overall level of safety of the organization.
  • Establish and maintain a flight data analysis program as part of its Safety Management System
  • Interface between NCAA and Operators to obtain requisite certifications for legal operations within Nigerian airspace according to Nig CAR formats.
  • Responsible for issuing Authorizations and Approvals to qualified personnel as per the relevant procedures and suspension or cancellation of the authorizations and approvals, at his absolute discretion


  • Monitor all regulatory approvals, renewals relating to the both the FBO and Maintenance
  • Monitor contract agreement with 3rd party organization
  • Responsible for auditing vendors, supplier for the AMO
  • Trainings –NCAT


  • Liaise with NCAA, FAAN and NCAT
  • Research, prepare, issue , revise and get approvals for AMO capability (OPSPECS) amendment list
  • Research, prepare, issue and revise AMO Procedure Manual, NDT Manual, for all OEM, AMM, CMM subscriptions
  • Prepare and keep/maintain, update and renew the PNCF,FOCC etc. licensees
  • Research, Prepare, issue, revise and renew the PLST(Ground handling), IS-BAH (whole organization) and NCAT(Maintenance workshop, training etc.)
  • Liaise with approved level 3 NDT Inspectors



  • 4 – 8 years post cognate and managerial experience.
  • Degree in Engineering
  • Aircraft maintenance engineer license or a degree in aircraft maintenance
  • Certificate in quality assurance or safety management
  • Train-the -trainer rating and be responsible for training towards relevant Certification for International relevance and standards
  • Senior level management experience leading Quality and Safety function

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