• Nigeria

  • Permanent

  • Full-time

Mevron is seeking to change the world. The world of ride-sharing. As we set to launch into more than 600 cities globally, we are seeking qualified Regional Manager to help pave the way.

Mevron is an equal opportunity employer and invites people from varied and diverse backgrounds to join our team and build a future career. If you are driven, determined, and have a true passion for helping people lift themselves up and provide new opportunities, let us change the world one city at a time, together.

Providing new opportunities for Drivers in the ride-sharing industry is at the core of what Mevron is and does. This means ensuring equal access to the Mevron platform and Passengers for all Drivers. Coupled with this determination is the opportunity for people to recognize they don’t need a car to get around these immensely congested urban environments; they simply need the right ride-sharing app.


  • Take charge of various teams and remote activation partners, helping them maintain alignment with Mevron’s short and long-range goals.
  • Ensuring all city operations meet local and regional laws and expectations and are standardized to our global best practice philosophies where appropriate and directed.
  • Possess exceptional communication skills to help drivers, associates, and business partners move forward and integrate smoothly within the Mevron platform.
  • Initiating strategic improvement ideas and concepts, incorporating feedback to improve the platform, and implementing necessary changes or forwarding concepts to executive leadership that will promote a positive influence by Mevron throughout the region.
  • Be able to analyze data, streamline processes, and foment innovative concepts to help Mevron grow into the future.
  • Being responsible and managing the fleet of Drivers to ensure availability to prospective Passengers during initial launch and maintain adequate fleets throughout each day and week of operations.
  • Help ensure that Mevron Driver Partners have access to the best prices, inventory, and services so they can take charge of their future and career.
  • Developing teams operating throughout each city, town, or region as designated under the Regional Manager purview of responsibilities. These teams could include city managers, remote activation partners, associates, service providers (Drivers), and local sales representatives and marketing specialists.
  • Be creative in finding solutions to potentially complex challenges and problems that will invariably and inevitably arise as Mevron expands.
  • Customer service and support. The Regional Manager will be directly responsible for a positive customer (Passenger) relationship with Mevron and its partners.
  • Possess strong analytical skills to look at data, see challenges, and find solutions.
  • Effectively manage the entire scope of a 12 month plan for Mevron to expand and grow throughout the region.
  • Gather data, feedback, and other insights from Passengers regarding the transportation, effectiveness, platform responsiveness, and other factors that will help Mevron drive to success.
  • Streamline communication and collaboration across multidimensional teams in order to maximize and optimize efficiency of their distinct initiatives.
  • Identify and define specific local user needs and requirements as well as preferences and be proactive in seeking out ways to meet those needs and forwarding any concerns, thoughts, and ideas to Mevron leadership.
  • Building, developing, and maintaining positive business relationships through networking, marketing, and partnerships that will help boost Mevron as a viable and potent brand throughout the operational region.
  • Execute local marketing drives and strategies to increase bookings.
  • Seek out various channels of vendors and other business partners, including but not limited to food delivery companies, local business providers, and other suppliers to enhance Mevron’s services and offerings to the general consumer public.
  • Measure city performance on a weekly basis using appropriate systems, admin dashboard analytic tools and techniques.
  • Organize and participate in events to build community and boost brand awareness.
  • Coordinate with Marketing, PR and Communications teams to ensure brand consistency.
  • Be a strong leader and inspiration to those working for you.


  • At least 8 years of solid entrepreneurial and management experience. This could be within investment banking, consulting, business intelligence, marketing or some other related field. Those candidates who have worked for a startup or other fast-growing entrepreneurial endeavor are preferred.
  • Exceptional, analytical and problem-solving abilities to gain clear insight into customer interactions, feedback, and experiences.
  • The ability to work in and effectively manage complex partnerships, even those that may have competing priorities to ensure Mevron’s goals remain at the center of everything you do.
  • The ability to properly lead, coach, and mentor people around you.
  • The self-motivated, driven personality that allows you to work independently and effectively manage your time.
  • A Master’s degree with an MBA preferred.