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Number Of Students: 500 Student Make Up: Mixed (25 nationalites) but mainly Nigerian Nigeria is commonly refered to as the ‘Giant of Africa’ in terms of its abundant resources and blossoming economy; it is the second largest in Africa (37th largest in the world) and it is predicted that it will overtake South Africa in the not too distant future. It is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh in the world. Although Abuja is the capital the largest city is Lagos; the country is mainly comprises of Christian and Muslim citizens, over 57 million. The country enjoys an appealing coastline and a dramatic interior of mountainscapes, jungles and grassland. Nigeria is not for everyone and as with any unfamiliar foreign country safety and security should be a priority to allow for a peaceful and trouble free social and professional life. Independent research is a must before considering a move to Africa. Job Requirements Minimum Years Experience: 2.0 Curriculum Experience Required: Strongly prefer it Will Accept Newly Qualified Teachers: N Key Benefits Tax Rate: Tax Free Housing: 2 bedroom Benefits: Flights -yearly, Housing – provided, Medical or Health insurance, Utilities paid Suited To: Activity – swimming beaches, Activity-typical water sporting types, Climate – warmer, Dependent children – Not very suitable, Holiday destination – not typical, Infrastructure – Not very developed, Suburban, Unmarried partners – not suitable, Westernised – not very, Women – somewhat restrictive


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